Jerod Zavistoski, 

Creator and CEO of Innovative Awareness and the Methodology series. 

The seven steps to becoming a more attractive man. 

The seven steps to becoming a more attractive man. 

 Know your brand - Know how you are perceived so you can tailor your approach.

Know your market - Understanding women and what women want

Know yourself - Developing confidence and drive, and why these two things are so important. 

Pitfalls - Overcoming fear, self awareness, self deprecation, and low self esteem.

Marketing tools - Developing edge, charm, and Bromancing skills. 

Appearance - Grooming, hygiene, fashion and fitness.

Making the sale - Going out there and getting the girl. Game, approach, closing, sex, and getting out of the friend zone. 

Methodology of The Modern Female

Since the first day I published Methodology of the Modern Male I’ve been asked one question… When are you writing one for women? I’m proud to announce Methodology of the Modern Female is set for release in 2015
— Jerod Zavistoski

Methodology of the Mind

"Soon to be released"

Only through delusion can we create our reality
— Jerod Zavistoski

Operating systems - Changing your outdated mindset for the new operating system.

Beliefs - How to leverage the most motivation out of the four different belief systems. 

Finding your purpose - How to figure out what it is that you can't help but do. 

Action - How to take action. 

Negative mindsets - How to overcome counter productive mindsets. 

Fear - Overcoming the greatest stumbling block of all time. 

Psychology - Why people do the things they do.

Emotion - How to separate your emotional response system and use it as a strength.

 Resistance - The challenges we face in life. Why are they there?

Thought - What are your thoughts? 

Ego - There's you, then there's you, then there's the "you" that knows you're you!?

Laws of Attraction - WTF does this stuff really mean? 

Quantum Mechanics - Using the universe like clay.