Methodology of the Modern Male

Methodology of the Modern Male

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"The modern man's guide to personal excellence." In this hilarious book Jerod Zavistoski illustrates all the problem ares men encounter when they are interacting with the opposite sex. A cheeky, blunt, no bullshit guide on how to be the best man you can be. Jerod covers the eight problem areas guys encounter and breaks them down in a easy to read, comical analysis. If you're a man… This book is for you. 

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Methodology of the Modern Male is an accumulation of all the categories men can improve themselves. Once you've got all the categories down pat 100% you've become the Modern Male. 

"If your a guy, then this book is for you!  In this clever guide,The Methodology of A Modern Male, Jerod Zavistoski, shows men how in the dark they actually are about women, hygiene, sense of style, chivalry, confidence, communication and even sex!  It is hilarious and blunt and very worth your while! I am so grateful a guy finally stepped up to the plate to let men know if you want a better woman, you need to be a better Man!!  Well said Jerod. Thank you! His new insight and wisdom might actually change generations to come by preparing all men before they get into another failed relationship! The secrets you guys never knew, a must read for every guy! "

     Tina Jordan, Playboy Playmate Miss March 2002 & Radio Personality Of KLSX 97.1 FM, TV Host & Actress 


"I couldn’t have imagined the knowledge in the pages of this book came from a man!!! If your part of the male species this book is a must read!!!!!!"

     Brooke Haven, Adult Film Actress       


"What I found interesting is that Jerod's Methodology of the Modern Male, isn't associated with being a player or pick up artist but he has actually taken an interest in learning what girls like and how they want to be treated without the games, egos or insecurities that might get in the way. This is a simple and to the point must read for any guy who is lost or confused when it comes to women, Jerod targets all the common sense mistakes that guys can make. Finally someone who gets it and puts it all out there!!"


Sarah Jessie, Adult Film Actress